Residential HVAC

Luxaire is proud to continue their uncompromising commitment to long-lasting comfort. Their residential systems include high-performance air conditioners, heat pumps, furnaces, air handlers, and indoor air quality solutions such as air purifiers and humidifiers. These systems meet the unique needs of different climates and provide homeowners with consistent temperature control and optimal comfort. Built with your home in mind, every residential HVAC system comes with the efficiency, ease, and reliability you need. With Luxaire's range of reliable and innovative products, they continue to be a trusted choice for homeowners seeking optimal home comfort.

Residential HVAC units

Heating & Cooling

With Luxaire® HVAC systems, heating and cooling has never been more sustainable or dependable. One of the key advantages of Luxaire residential systems is their focus on energy efficiency. These units minimize energy consumption, reduce utility bills, and contribute to a greener environment.

Residential HVAC air quality sensor

Indoor Air Quality

Complete your home comfort system with Luxaire® IAQ products and breathe cleaner air. With a wide range of options, including air cleaners, humidifiers, ventilation systems, and UV germicidal lights, Luxaire offers solutions to address various indoor air quality concerns. Their products optimize humidity levels and purify indoor air to help remove bacteria, airborne viruses, and other irritants.

Residential HVAC therostat

Thermostats & Controls

From multi-room zoning to Wi-Fi® connectivity, Luxaire is reimagining home comfort control. Their thermostats and controls offer a range of features and advanced technology to help homeowners regulate and optimize their HVAC systems. Save money and offer greater comfort with advanced features right at your fingertips.

Residential HVAC parts

Parts & Supplies

Using Luxaire® genuine parts from Source 1™ ensures a faster, first-time fix with an original quality part. Backed by a 2-year warranty, these parts are designed and built specifically for each unit, guaranteeing top performance not found with other parts brands.

Find a Dealer

When purchasing a comfort system, you want to be confident you’re getting a quality product backed by quality support. Your local Luxaire® Dealer will recommend the best system for your home or business and install it correctly. Find a local pro near you!